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Tasting Events


Join us for our FREE Friday Tastings from 4-6 pm and some Saturdays when various vendors show off their new wine, liquor & beer products! Tastings are typically held during the summer months, June through September, and winter, starting around Thanksgiving through March.

Drink Responsibly

With support for our community, we promote sensible, moderate and responsible alcohol consumption and party hosting. Below are a few points to keep you and your guests safe and happy while responsibly consuming alcoholic beverages:

  • Enjoy in Moderation & Know your Limit
  • Drinks Lots of Water & Stay Hydrated
  • Eat Food While you Drink
  • Slow Down & Enjoy the Flavors
  • Do Not Drink & Drive!

Groups We Support

We have watched Grand County grow and improve over the years, and we believe it is important as a local business to support the community that is vital to our success. We proudly support and donate to numerous local nonprofit organizations. Some of the groups we have supported over the years include:

Headwaters Trails AllianceNPLD

Tasting Events

No tasting events until further notice.



Beer of the Month:
Sierra Nevada



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