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Customer Loyalty Plan

How our Customer Loyalty Plan Works for You?

Looking for a great way to save on your beer, wine and liquor purchases?  Bottle Pass Liquors started Grand County's first Customer Loyalty Program over 30 years ago and we have signed up over 6,000 customers over the years to our program.  How does it work?  Simple actually.  Come by the store and request to be a member.  We take your name and address and assign you a number and give you a Loyalty Card.  Once in our system which takes less than five minutes, we can track all your purchases of beer, wine and liquor each time you visit the store.  All you need to do is state your loyalty number or last name to the cashier to insure you are getting the points associated with your purchase.  As your points accumulate, you are able to turn those in at your leisure for free product.  Its just that simple.  Don't you just wish the airlines could get it this right!!
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